Monday, June 13, 2011

it's all fated..

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it's been really long since i updated my blog...
the last post was on March.. wow..
have been busy since then..
rushing assignments.. day and night..
my last semester..
and now, i treasure it alot..

doing my internship right now..
in an event company..
working is indeed tiring..
no wonder people always say study is better than work.. =)

today when i was in the car on the way coming to work,
i tot of what my group and i did when we were rushing for the second last assignment..
it was an IT subject...
it was really really tough..
but it brought back lots of sweet memories..
whole house full of people;
stay up to do work;
slept for few hours only in a day;
experienced flood together;
talking to each other without brushing teeth;
cook for ourselves;
stay over in friend's house for a few days..
just because of ONE assignment..
haha.. fun and tiring..
and the outcome was satisfying..
with checking and checking non-stop..

i wont be going back to the same college i suppose..
even if i do, i wont be meeting the same awesome people again...
i am so lucky to meet them..
we went through alot of ups and downs,
and we also made it through, worked things out..
together, we made it.. =)

it is all fated.. to meet you guys..
the story always begins with, i almost gone for another subject or another college..
but end up..
here we were, the college we might not like it as much,
but has given us the precious memories in each of our lives..
and i am thankful for it... =)

ps: i actually had a pending post to update.. but nah.. not gonna post it up as it is actually the earlier ver of this post.. =p

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