Monday, March 14, 2011

update + note to self

like seriously, this month is definitely a killer..
i blame on my time management and at the same time, the workload for sure contributed a lot that made me said so..
look at the planner.. everyday we have something due.. sometimes more..
i dunno how am I able to handle this..
just handed in one of the toughest(i suppose?) assignment..
and actually i am quite satisfied with the outcome.. sleepless nights and non stop touching ups..
ahh.. killing me to the max..and it seriously made me cranky for awhile..
sorry baby, cuz i sorta release my stress on u.. =(
actually, flash is fun when u get to move ur object..
but it is pretty annoying when u failed again and again..
well, even though i m kinda happy with the outcome,
but that doesnt mean that im the best of all..
yeap.. shouldnt have such thinking.. should always bear in mind that there are always better people out there..
you dunno/dun see, doesnt mean that they are not exist...

last few days were really bad days for me...
house connection was having some problem..
and it made me cant do my assignment..
crappy and only dear know it..
he always wants to be there..
and whatever he has done for me,
i feel so bad and touched...
thanks dear..really...

gotta stay strong for the whole month and the next month!
and im done with the last semester..
and im officially grown up a little..
the outcome is always depending on the amount of effort you put in...
i learn it every semester..
and im slowly.. making it work..
i know.. i can do it...

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