Monday, February 21, 2011


it's the 6th study week of semester 6,
well, time flies right?
ALOT of things happened in the past few weeks, definitely..
something new i had experienced..
selling flowers.. =)
it was... fun and not fun in a way..
fun when i was at the roadside waving to every car passed by..
not fun when i know i did not hit the target.. =p
but well..
thats life?
learn from it..
because life aint easy after all..
glad to know new friends as well.. =)

assignments starting to due...
ahh.. i have started one but there's lot more..
need some guidance tho..
i realize life is about fun and not fun..
just like all my assignments..
fun, when i know how to do it..
not fun when the touching up part i realize there's so much of mistakes..
alright, cut the crap.. no assignment ranting today.. =)

stomach a little uneasy for more than a week..
and today went for doctor,
it's " enterogastritis"? (肠胃炎)
but of course, very minor still..
so no big deal..
but i lose my appetite for so long!
so not me..=.=..
so dear! bring me for some good food when i recover kie! hehehe...

ok lar.. i updated my blog.. what about you? =P