Monday, June 13, 2011

it's all fated..

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it's been really long since i updated my blog...
the last post was on March.. wow..
have been busy since then..
rushing assignments.. day and night..
my last semester..
and now, i treasure it alot..

doing my internship right now..
in an event company..
working is indeed tiring..
no wonder people always say study is better than work.. =)

today when i was in the car on the way coming to work,
i tot of what my group and i did when we were rushing for the second last assignment..
it was an IT subject...
it was really really tough..
but it brought back lots of sweet memories..
whole house full of people;
stay up to do work;
slept for few hours only in a day;
experienced flood together;
talking to each other without brushing teeth;
cook for ourselves;
stay over in friend's house for a few days..
just because of ONE assignment..
haha.. fun and tiring..
and the outcome was satisfying..
with checking and checking non-stop..

i wont be going back to the same college i suppose..
even if i do, i wont be meeting the same awesome people again...
i am so lucky to meet them..
we went through alot of ups and downs,
and we also made it through, worked things out..
together, we made it.. =)

it is all fated.. to meet you guys..
the story always begins with, i almost gone for another subject or another college..
but end up..
here we were, the college we might not like it as much,
but has given us the precious memories in each of our lives..
and i am thankful for it... =)

ps: i actually had a pending post to update.. but nah.. not gonna post it up as it is actually the earlier ver of this post.. =p

Monday, March 14, 2011

update + note to self

like seriously, this month is definitely a killer..
i blame on my time management and at the same time, the workload for sure contributed a lot that made me said so..
look at the planner.. everyday we have something due.. sometimes more..
i dunno how am I able to handle this..
just handed in one of the toughest(i suppose?) assignment..
and actually i am quite satisfied with the outcome.. sleepless nights and non stop touching ups..
ahh.. killing me to the max..and it seriously made me cranky for awhile..
sorry baby, cuz i sorta release my stress on u.. =(
actually, flash is fun when u get to move ur object..
but it is pretty annoying when u failed again and again..
well, even though i m kinda happy with the outcome,
but that doesnt mean that im the best of all..
yeap.. shouldnt have such thinking.. should always bear in mind that there are always better people out there..
you dunno/dun see, doesnt mean that they are not exist...

last few days were really bad days for me...
house connection was having some problem..
and it made me cant do my assignment..
crappy and only dear know it..
he always wants to be there..
and whatever he has done for me,
i feel so bad and touched...
thanks dear..really...

gotta stay strong for the whole month and the next month!
and im done with the last semester..
and im officially grown up a little..
the outcome is always depending on the amount of effort you put in...
i learn it every semester..
and im slowly.. making it work..
i know.. i can do it...

Monday, February 21, 2011


it's the 6th study week of semester 6,
well, time flies right?
ALOT of things happened in the past few weeks, definitely..
something new i had experienced..
selling flowers.. =)
it was... fun and not fun in a way..
fun when i was at the roadside waving to every car passed by..
not fun when i know i did not hit the target.. =p
but well..
thats life?
learn from it..
because life aint easy after all..
glad to know new friends as well.. =)

assignments starting to due...
ahh.. i have started one but there's lot more..
need some guidance tho..
i realize life is about fun and not fun..
just like all my assignments..
fun, when i know how to do it..
not fun when the touching up part i realize there's so much of mistakes..
alright, cut the crap.. no assignment ranting today.. =)

stomach a little uneasy for more than a week..
and today went for doctor,
it's " enterogastritis"? (肠胃炎)
but of course, very minor still..
so no big deal..
but i lose my appetite for so long!
so not me..=.=..
so dear! bring me for some good food when i recover kie! hehehe...

ok lar.. i updated my blog.. what about you? =P

Monday, January 31, 2011

2 years!! =)


thats when we started..
last year, we celebrated on 29th January, and this year... same! hehe
due to some minor problem, we didnt get to celebrate our anniversary on the exact date, 
but nvm..
date doesnt matter, what matters is, you are with me.. =)

yesterday was really a great day..
we reached the destination successfully and safely, 
with the help of lousy google map...
even though had some minor minor argument, but nope, no big deal! ehehe..
and we tried out a completely different meal than usual with "not so" expensive price..
kinda like that restaurant.. the name is Laziz.. 
they serve middle eastern cuisine, which is abit extraordinary in Malaysia.. 
something different..
it was a funny experience also, as we didnt know the way of eating middle eastern cuisine,
so we used our hand as well besides the utensil..=X
 didnt take much photos though.. 
cuz we are both camera shy XDD

turkish coffee, the taste was so strong and i didn't know.. embarrassed experience XD

Dear eating!
sorry! only rmb to take photo after i finished the food.. =S

thennn, we went to pyramid.. 
and it was SOOOOO packed..
even getting the parking ticket took us around 10 min of queuing i think..
and we were SO lucky! 
after we got into the parking lot successfully, 
just the first round we found a parking slot.. whee
usually it would be a really hard time to get the parking, 
but this time its so easy.. haha
probably cuz he used the "illegal" way and we actually overshot and went straight to the exit,
but luckily there was no car coming, we get to reverse and tada,
a parking slot awaiting!! =D
and its near to the lift as well as the exit! haha..
perfect spot..

driving driving~! traffic was slow..

cute smile isnt it? so adorable!!! <3

and the luck didnt just stop there..
because as we walked around pyramid aimlessly..
we saw a shop was having sales..
then dear got himself a pair of shades with just rm100!!!
it was some clearance stock promotion lar.. so the prices all gone down dam alot..
but the sunglasses look really nice though.. =)
wear it when u drive car alright? 

den at night, we went earlier to have our dinner..
same thing.. we didnt really have to wait very long for the food to be served..
that place usually need to wait for quite long.. whee..
right timing isnt it?

i will just conclude that yesterday was a really great day..
to have you..
it wouldn't be as great if it wasn't you to be with me..
thanks for walking with me in this two years..
your support, makes me feel loved..
your love, makes me feel secured..

and you, make me fall in love with you again and again.. =)

Monday, January 17, 2011

#1 note to self...

sometimes i really don't dare to say that i am grown up..
not that i don't admit that i am actually a young adult now..
it's just that, i kinda doubt myself..
true that, i actually cannot really accept that i am entering 20 this year..
i am not prepared.. mentally..

being a 20 year old girl, i actually hold more responsibilities than i used to..
i cannot only think about myself..
i should learn how to be balance..
but i always screw up..
i really don't know how..

it's sometimes very disturbing to myself when i realize that i am so bad in handling situation..
mainly because, i really do care / think too much..
i care about how people think about me, and i think too much about what will happen of whatever i do..
i am not any great person.. being me, i actually don't quite like it..
i feel that i am doing very badly as a person..

this year, is a year that i should make changes over myself..
but i dunno start from where and how..
perhaps i am giving myself excuses..
but i do seeking for changes in me..
i am trying..
trying to be better.. tell me if i am not..
i wouldn't know if i wasn't told..

I tend to keep my feelings to myself..
because I'm afraid that people might dislike it..
but it is rather hard to please everyone..

at the end, i will be the one ranting why is life so hard.. lol..

i forgot what i wanted to write..
but what is on my mind now is that,
life ain't easy anyway..
so just do what i can do..and what i feel like doing..
so that i will have no regret in life..

and the next thing is... hmm..
omg i forgot..
let me think let me think....

........5 minutes gone............

argh.. i couldn't recall.. T_T
OH i think i know what i was thinking already..
hmm try not to think so much because actually, i am not so important..
people actually don't care what i did..
i mean like, it is not that what i did can influence oneself very much..
so yeah..
shouldn't always imagine that im so important..
again, it is not that i am "perasan", it's just that, im thinking too much..
will try to control that.. i mean will TRY.. =)

guess i should start writing more post like this..
as the note to self so that i know how far i have gone to and how much i have or have not grown.. =)

Saturday, January 1, 2011

what?! it's 2011 already?!

time flies.. it really does fly.. very fast without you knowing...
im soon, gotta call myself a 20 year old young adult..
20 years old?! it used to seem so far to me but now, here i am..
i dun feel like i am 20 years old.. not at all..
my mindset, my action, everything.. only.. my face..=S

oh well,
many people already set their resolutions already, 
but i wont set myself any because, 
it hurts when i dont get to achieve them..
at least to myself..
so yeah, 
just gonna try and try to be better...
there's not much of things i can do right?

i went KL with dear on Monday (27/12/2010) and Thursday (30/12/2010)..
we had learnt a new road.. to Tropicana City.. on Monday..
and the way to Poco Homemade on Thursday..
it was really fun and the satisfaction really strike us when we found the places..
thanks to mel's boy the ss2 gps and google map.. =)

Poco Homemade.. i have been wanting to go there for months..
there he granted my wish.. =)
i like the place alot.. 
very cozy..
even he likes it too.. =)
the food was good..
not too many options because all only one person's cooking i guess?
the molten lava cake i had is awesome as well... as least it tastes nice IMO..

 it is definitely not easy to realize this little shop if you did not look through them SLOWLY..
and ahem, i look FAT..

Daniel Lim! hehehe...

oh i love the cake!! i am going back to try out all the desserts!! i will! =D

i like spending time with him..
it never gets enough..
time with him passes even faster.. =(
i really wonder why also...
why holiday passes so fast and classes end so slow?
im emo because classes starting soon..
and i am totally clueless about what i wanna blog..
i have so much to say but i have so little words..
and my thoughts arent complete..
things break into pieces once they happened and i am lazy to puzzle them up.. =p
so i am just blogging things i feel like telling.. =)

oh i have been telling him i want to try making bags and purses..
like this -
Pretty right? =)

i really do wanna try!
but its not easy to get those materials and i m still looking for them...
i really hope i will find suitable fabric and start doing it one day.. =D

bye 2010! i will miss you.. =]