Thursday, December 16, 2010

little update

results' out..
the grades arent bad..
but i am not really satisfied..
i mean, it's kinda relieved that the CGPA of mine was not affected much,
but, i just don't like that particular alphabet.. THAT ONE.. haih..

Kiasu right? lol, yea i admit, i actually am.. =(
kinda pathetic indeed..
it's like, no one even want to compete with me,
i am never aware of my limitations and compare myself with others,
in fact, i can never be better than them..
i knew that, but why would i keep repeating the same thing? sigh
i am fine, really am..
just ranting.. =p
trying to be less kiasu as possible.. hoho.. TRYING okay?
not easy..

oh i found a job that i really want to work..
but ARGH... they are giving KWSP and socso,
good right? i know..
but i can't work for job that has those two benefits..
i am having loan that strictly not allowing me to work..
if they know, poof! loan gone!
so yeah.. gotta sacrifice.. =)

oh well...
next sem, toughest i would say, exclude internship of course, that would be part of life and part of college..
for the Diploma itself, last sem to study in college will be the toughest, TRUST me,
don't trust others.. lol..
seeing the subjects that haven't yet taken is scaring me already..
and, somehow i am blur with what i should take for my Degree..
i have lots of plans, but they seem unrealistic..
i should really think through it isnt it?

oh by the way,
today, really a random thought,
i thought about last time, roughly 7,8 years ago,
one of the Chinese channel of Astro did show some anime
and yah! i watched hahaha
you know i never remembered that i used to watch anime before except for the detective conan..
and today i recalled! hahaha
those anime were really nice!!
Fancy Lala is one of those!!
the only one i can remember..
and thanks to Su Wern,
she helped me find the title..
i am in the progress of finding as many of them as i can..

i feel so happy when i remembered..
and Rachel was the one who share the same interest with me..
been through alot of discussions and singing sessions in CLASS.. hahaha
it was great memories of mine.. hehe

it's half of the holiday already!!!
can time pass a little slower?
i know i know, holiday is boring right?
but to me it is certainly not.. hehe..
you know what, starting from the year of 2011,
my age is going to begin with number 2 already!!! gosh..
cannot accept it..
i am still so childish!! =(
not gonna think not gonna think..
i am just going to enjoy the remaining holidays to the maxi maxy..

everyone please do too!

signing off..

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

holiday... work...

its the fifth day of holiday..
time passes kinda fast eh?
i think i am the ONLY person that would claim that holiday is never boring for me..
it never failed to make me feel happy during holiday..
i like staying at home and do nothing...

but i want to get a job also... need money... =(..
dun feel like doing promoter job...
i hate hard selling.. its extremely annoying... pfft..
still looking for job.. but what can i do in just one month time?

oh i was so unlucky that i straight fell sick on the first day of holiday..
however i recovered after a few days..
almost gone for doc, but sister was too lazy to bring me so eventually, i saved

ahh i have been craving for tau fu fa for more than 2 weeks!! =((
i am not happy.. every time want to buy also epic fail..
even today i wanted to eat laksa also the stall was closed... ahhh..
i wan tau fu fa!!! T_T gotta buy it tmr!! must... if not i will be dam emo.. for sure...

haven seen him for very long it seems.. i dun like it.. =(

just a random post to keep my blog alive..