Wednesday, November 17, 2010

you are the best i could ever ask for

this post might be really really cheesy, but i think i have to write it out..
as a memory for the future, a thankful and grateful moment for now..

in the year of 2008, i got to know him..
in the year of 2009, we got together,
in the year of 2010, we gone through quite a lot of hardships, and yes, we are still counting and working hard for the future..
we wouldn't be, if he didn't hold me tight..
we wouldn't be, if he just gave up when i wanted to..
we wouldn't be, if he didn't bear with me and my really-bad-temper-only-to-him...
we wouldn't be, if he didn't love me as much as he did when we just started and still does now..

i am not a good gf.. i really am not...
i am superb hot tempered especially to him..fussy about every single thing..
i am demanding..
i... am just bad..
but he never scold me.. sometimes i wish he does...
he takes everything to himself, and all he does, is apologize..
what more can i ask from him??
he was
a friend that called me because i was sad..
a friend that talked to me for 2 hours even we didn't meet in person before..
a friend that called me almost everyday just to make sure i am happy..
a friend that talked to me in mandarin even though he was so not use to it..
a friend that didn't mind spending credits on a friend whom never met before..

2009 up till now...
he is
a bf that never scold me..
a bf that give whatever i want as long as he could make it...
a bf that put me as his priority..
a bf that tries to be romantic even though he was not and now still not..=p
a bf that tells me everything.. everything..
a bf that supports me even though sometimes i am not so right..
a bf that love me more than himself...
and the list goes on and on........

so what more can i ask for?
if come to think of it...i would want him to be..
a little more sensitive perhaps? i think this is something every gf wish for.. haha
don't treat me SO good also? because i will be so use to it, and be even more demanding..
argue with me when he thinks he is right? because i think he deserves to be heard and not just me..
think more for himself.. and voice it out.. i might get angry, but try explain to me.. and i will know i am wrong..
take the risk lar, u have no choice.. =p

look at the calendar, its almost 1 year and 10 months..
i think, we might not gone through the most difficult hardship,
but we definitely gone through a lot...
you gone through even bearing up with me...

i know, there will be even more problems we have to face..
and definitely not easy..
but i know, you will not let me walk alone...
other than those external problems,
i guess i might be one of your biggest problem...
i won't ask you to bear it all, i won't promise i will change..
but i hope, things will get better as it goes.. alright??

i wanna throw some quotes now..
- there's no 100% perfect partner, but only both with 50%..
- The spaces between your fingers were created so that another's could fill them in.

i would say, to me, i do not know what will happen to both of us in the future, but at this moment, your fingers are those that fill in spaces between my fingers perfectly.. 
- The Spaces Between My Fingers Are Right Where Yours Fit Perfectly (just found it online)
and, you are the partner with more than 50% and nearly 100% that complement my imperfections. 

you are the best i could ever ask for... this is the only thing i can conclude about you..
thank you, Daniel Lim. 
and thanks for the effort you have put into this relationship..
i love you..
from Cecilia Soo..
did this in a rush.. lol.. ps: WHY do we always forget to take pic.. =(.. i dun have enough photos to post.. so sad..

should i keep this post? because i think it is really TOO cheesy.. i think not everyone can take it.. i think tmr when i read.. i might have goose bump too.. =S

Monday, November 15, 2010

wake me up when nov ends...

the title is not relevant, simply nie hahaha...
oh today was the last day for sem 5, had some fun with classmates and not forgetting the lunch with lecturer after class.. LOL..

someone is calling me for update..
padahal he himself never updated his blog.. CHEH..
i am officially done with semester FIVE! 
time flies.. everyone knows...
this semester.. was a real hectic ones.. 
and i never knew many things can actually happen in four months time, seriously..
technically, was not the whole four months though..
as a conclusion, things happened real fast in this semester and none of us get to control it..
haha.. what a semester.. o.o..
but i think as everyone would say, people learn in every semester..
yup i did too..
and i am glad that, things are now back to normal as last time.. as in really last time.. =)..

OH! went bukit tinggi for some dessert that day (Saturday 1113)..  
sort of like planned already one because i have been telling him that i want to go and try! hehe
so, we went~

the content is not bad, but the mistake the shop done is that, they did not laminate the menu, they just started the business not long, but the menu looks dam old already..

 i ordered something called heart in greed(not sure).. mix fruits in mango sago soup SOMETHING like that, i don't remember what was the description, it would be a good choice for those who like fruits, they have kiwi, watermelon, mango, apple, nata de coco and cincau jelly.. very filling.. lol

OH i like this!! this was his.. i totally forgot the name.. ahha.. something white pearl.. pfft.. it has mango, banana, sago, nata de coco and longan!( i likey!! ) in it.. give it a go.. the taste is really not bad IMO.. =)

he order this fried rice also because he was a little hungry.. hmm.. i would say that it tasted quite nice, but a little too oily.. =)

overall, the desserts are good,
but because they just started the business,
they do not have enough workers, hence the service was a bit slow.. 
but i would definitely go back and try out the variety dessert they provided.. =p...

at night (0000), i went back to that area again.. haha..
for a surprise celebration for Priscilla, my childhood friend..
never seen her for years and suddenly Rachel called me up for this thing,
so i immediately said okay as i appreciate chances that i can gather with my old friends..

 she was in total shock that day.. ahahaha

four of us.. Eric, Rachel, Pris and me.. =)

her special made handmade birthday card.. =)

great day i would conclude.. 
it felt like i finally get to breathe for one day after the hectic semester..
and now, it ended already..
after finals, im officially done with semester 5.. 
one month holiday is near.. 
and imma gonna rock my holiday with my own way.. =D.. 
staying at home and do ntg would be the best i could do..
also probably with friends call me for outings.. 
but if dont have, i will just stay at home..
it's okay~ 
it's such a long post i think, gotta stop now and... 
shall try to study? but am still lazy.. =p

signing off,