Monday, September 27, 2010

there's always rainbow after storm.. =)

today's a better day..
yesterday was such a mess..
i was so stressed up with assignments.. the first time.. seriously..
i always do thing last minute..
but experienced such a situation definitely is my first time..
i aint going to finish my work..
totally helpless.. i didnt know what to do..
writing aimlessly was exactly what was i doing...

but LUCKILY.. things got better at night..
and even better in today's morning..
after the test, at least it's a relief..
and at least i make my assignment close to the word count already..
left one more and im so called done..

but of cuz, save the "best" for last.. obviously it ain't gonna be easy..
cracking my brain to understand what my fren told me..
and frankly speaking..
i dun understand still..
nvm lar.. gonna crap along the way..

gonna cut my hair soon.. outta shape already!
its ugly..
i din even want to style it.. gosh..
short hair needs more care.. agree?
but i still like having short hair.. =)
more styles la..
instead of long straight hair or curly hair..
short hair is plain awesome TO ME...

have the baking mood..
but im on diet..
should i?

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