Monday, September 27, 2010

there's always rainbow after storm.. =)

today's a better day..
yesterday was such a mess..
i was so stressed up with assignments.. the first time.. seriously..
i always do thing last minute..
but experienced such a situation definitely is my first time..
i aint going to finish my work..
totally helpless.. i didnt know what to do..
writing aimlessly was exactly what was i doing...

but LUCKILY.. things got better at night..
and even better in today's morning..
after the test, at least it's a relief..
and at least i make my assignment close to the word count already..
left one more and im so called done..

but of cuz, save the "best" for last.. obviously it ain't gonna be easy..
cracking my brain to understand what my fren told me..
and frankly speaking..
i dun understand still..
nvm lar.. gonna crap along the way..

gonna cut my hair soon.. outta shape already!
its ugly..
i din even want to style it.. gosh..
short hair needs more care.. agree?
but i still like having short hair.. =)
more styles la..
instead of long straight hair or curly hair..
short hair is plain awesome TO ME...

have the baking mood..
but im on diet..
should i?

Thursday, September 23, 2010

feeling bad + field trip

i really don't like what happened today..
it is not like, i have put in lots of effort but hey i still did put in effort.
i kept come to you to get the approval. it's not like i just nah give it to you at the very last minute.
but how could you disapprove at the last minute but in fact u approved it previously?
i don't blame you..
I'm blaming myself more as i again brought so much trouble to others.
i didn't want it at all..
i really hate bringing all the unnecessary works to others when it is supposed to be my job..
i felt really bad.. but i don't know what could i do to make up the mistakes i have done..
i feel like shit i tell u.. i really did..

however, i m good now..
i won't be bothered by things for long time..
what done is done, rather than emo all the time, it is better for me to buck up and do something better..

well.. field trip today was fun..
the camera, control room and stuff..
but why would i look more to the PR side when i got zero interest in PR?
i cant do PR job for nuts...o.o
bad relations with people..=X
hmmm.....tmr would be better i think? the refreshment i am actually looking forward to..
maybe the printing part will catch my attention..
but what can i eat is the main thing..
OH! i need to send Ms. Naomi something.. almost forgot OMG!
oh well.. but i wont be eating much also since i'm on diet now..
but can see and try abit is better than nothing right..
what if the refreshment part is just a lie?
bet alot ppl will complain? haha maybe..

seriously.. gotta start working on my stuff..
procrastinating!! i hate you like seriously..grr
please stay away from me laaaaaaaah!

Monday, September 20, 2010

today's post is completely messy.. im just writing out something that appears in my head...

* first thing first...speech was bad today.. blame the hair can i? blame my hands.. blame the everything..=(
calculated in my heart.. guess the other marks wont be able to pull up the whole percentage..
ok i m like sad... i need you.. =(

but nah.. im okay.. i wont be too sad over my results actually..
but when the final outcome is out..
same thing is going to pop up all over again... ha ha ha...
nvm la... as i believe that i can still do better... =) try harder when there's a chance!

well.. things aren't going so well recently.. wonder when will it be okay..
nothing i can do but keep waiting..

*determination is doing its work.. but external influences cause me to be slow...
i dun like it...

*OH! need to buy a weighing machine soon! to constantly check on my weight.. ahem...
if not go over board den it wont be a good thing.. =p

*its been long since i drink coffee.. im missing the taste..
but no choice.. i have to try to quit..

*man! i din eat bread for few weeks! argh!!!
not good.. i love the taste of bread.. call me a bread maniac.. =D

* assignments are piling up.. yet i cant help to feel the pressure inside me..
i dunno why and im so lazy to kick my ass to start doing them.. why eh?

i think i am lacking of many values... shall find them back right?
but where should i?

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

great challenges is queuing up

suddenly, i feel like challenges are coming toward me..
silently, openly..
assignments and studies are definitely part of them.. datelines are crucial...
all fall on this pretty Sept.
which i think, this is a bad month...
because.. something that was really killing me just happened not long ago...
not gonna talk about it because it is now the past tense..
am only going to treasure and cherish the moment, the time i have..
appreciate, this word is so great yet I'm still far from it...

back to assignment... let me tell u what..
two assignments are on weekly basis.. have to keep it on track, consistently..
one assignment i think would be handing in on 20th Sept,
another draft of assignment on 20th Sept as well..
test on 21st of Sept..
one assignment due on 27th and lastly, one more due on the 30th...
sounds fun right?

without knowing there are actually so many assignments suppose to due this month,
i gladly went on an interview for part time job while accompanying my friend to her interview with a person from the industry..
which that was part of the assignment..
i would went with her because i was suppose to interview her at first.. well.. long story..
and yes, i was so lucky that, i almost gotten the job..
need to wait for the screening...
so i need to went to some training on both 16th and 17th...
guess whaaaat... 16th is HOLIDAAAY... ahh gonna spend the holiday w/o resting!
where 17th, we supposed to have assignment outing..
luck isn't on my side isn't it?

not finish yet.. after telling the girl that i will make it on both the days...
i asked Daniel to find me a creative director for my interview.. assignment as u know...
thinking just to try my luck and asked him to send out the email..
and surprisingly.. she REPLIED!!
BUT her free time will be tmr late afternoon or either on Friday...
Tomorrow got class.. so i guess it's probably impossible..
17th is on Friday... my screening and assignment outing day... HOW?!
plus i wont have any transport to get to the kelana square.. pretty tough ya..

anddd... I wont be able to see him for weeks... gotta miss him like crazy especially when i start working with me drowning in the assignments sea... how? =(.. that's the saddest part of all tho...

challenging much? gotta split my body to multitask...
hope i got super power so much now..
then i will have no problems with dateline... =)

gotta do my survey now.. distributing them tmr!
wish me luck that i could get them back on TIME~

tough life means i learn more.. achieve better and going to do better in the future..
time to change...
be a better man..=p

Friday, September 3, 2010


this semester is all about food...
it comes from last two semester actually...
during sem 3, the last day of final was yika's bday..
so then we celebrated her bday in heartz (if im not mistaken with the name)...
den last sem, it was my bday.. den......... we celebrated in Chili's.
somehowwww... it became a "tradition" for us to go for some better food when we come out as a gang.. a big gang..
and from there, i get to eat at different places where i have never been before...
TGIF, Chili's, Souled Out...
oh! the cake in Chili's, i did mention before right?
it was really good.. again, although i dont fancy chocolate but i like this cake..
their portion of food was biggggg too! everyone almost puke after eating..
learn from there, we shall share it next time..
easier for calculation also lol
and souled out, the food was okay..
din get to eat too much because that day i was quite full, maybe because of the carbonara was a lil too creamy..
but that is definitely a good place for friends' gathering.
yesterday.. we went italianies for Ivan's birthday......
the food was good... but the portion, looks quite small.. hahaha... maybe for too many of us to share... it seemed small.. =p
the cake was good too! haha
had great times going all these places with the good friends of mine..
really treasure them alot..
and most importantly, me and him get to eat more variety of food too... =)
too bad... i dun have pictures for the places..
will try to upload if i got the original photos..

just for the sake of blogging.. =D..
sorry for the wordy post.. hehe