Monday, August 16, 2010

update update

semester 5 now..
slacking like nobody's business..
it is bad..
im afraid that my cgpa is dropping..
omg i really don't want it...
please help me to get rid of my slacking attitude and give me DETERMINATION and hardworking..

i need money also... gosh i need cash so much okay..
got so many little things wanna buy...
budget budget...
i dunno where my money have gone to seriously...
always gone with the wind...
daniel lim if u are reading this, please tell me where my money have gone to okay? =pp

and.. sorry lor for pinching u.. but u also shoulnt have done that even if u were angry also lor..
i dun like it... no next time.. or i wont tam u anymore.. =p

thats my update la! u better comment..

ps: bila mau jumpa? XD

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