Tuesday, May 25, 2010

bad day

today is not my day...
i dun like it...
its fine lar that i turned out to be a joke... i find it funny also..
but i really dun like this happen to me so often...
i had my shoes spoiled in the college for three times already..
the difficult situation is sometimes hard to deal with.. argh..
if i have got no yika who helped me today, i might needed to walk with bare foot...
oh noo.. i dun wan... =(

abit stress over the comm research.. =(..
i feel like i have chosen a wrong topic?
yes? no?
it would be pretty interesting i guess..
but why do i feel like i actually lack of something?
haih.. just go with the flow lar...
follow whatever only.. but i shall be more initiative.. to learn more...
for the sake of myself...
not forgetting the bf who is always beside me.
(not when he forgets about me for his "beauty sleep" joking laahhh~=p)
i really appreciate whatever u have done...
thanks baby!
btw, when can we meet?
can i have u both saturday and sunday? hehe..
im greedy.. i know! =P

ok lah..
shall go and prepare for the comm research proposal and maybe have a short nap..
im quite tired i wonder why..


Sunday, May 23, 2010


i wonder why are they so many people spam my blog recently...
is that a form of advertising? LOL..
it doesnt work on me.. sorry~

the chat box is for those who actually have the intention to read my blog to comment..
(cheyy i know i dun have readers laa~)
but even so, that doesnt mean that i like spammer... sheeesh...

so.. dun spam my blog please~

Monday, May 17, 2010

first day of college?

today is the first day of semester 4.
and after 3 weeks of holiday,
i actually feel very lazy to go back to college.. =p
yes yes, i know
i am so not a study person...

alright that's not the point..
the first class was comm research.
i feel the tension even though it is only the FIRST class...


it is a subject with 100% coursework.
which means last minute is a big no no..

second, my lecturer is definitely want to help us in the subject,
hence she has to "torture" us will hell lots of thinking, brainstorming and not forgetting,
weekly exercises (or i should call it weekly assignment?)
she will be suffering in marking our work as well...
i am not complaining about this.. =)

i still don't know what i want to write,
i have the big idea but then,
it is too general..
and i still don't see the aspect that i want to research on.. =(
but i hope i will figure it out soon, and i HAVE to..

first day of class and i am sick..
luckily i feel much better now after trying different medicines.. lol
and i must take good care of myself...
i am not allowed to get sick in this short semester because i don't want to miss any classes...
i hate and afraid that i cannot catch up if i ever absent in one class..
the feeling is definitely torturing..

i am not hardworking..
u know,
saying is always louder and easier than action...
but i really hope someone will guide me and tell me what to study...
i am so dependent!!! =(
and i hate this... argh!

i have problem in organizing a proper post..
>.< sorray!

ok la, its time to stop..
shall learn more about the skills of blogging by reading more and more BLOGS.. =)


Thursday, May 6, 2010


since everyone is blogging about IP Man 2, i guessed i should miss the "trend" too..

watched it with friends in One Utama on 2nd of May..
got free ticket from GSC so yea..

it was really an awesome piece!
the different types of kung fu (Chinese Martial Art) were nicely choreographed and yes! well presented by Donnie Yan and Sammo Hung!
Donnie Yan is the master of Wing Chun where Sammo Hung is the master of Hung Kuen..

like seriously,
i got angry by watching the so called world winner for western boxing, twister being so racist!
i was cursing in the cinema LOL..
of cuz, quietly. =p
i just hate it by seeing people being so unfair and look down on other races so much..
i have no right to judge,
but what Ip Man said is right! hoho
the difference in status shouldn't lead to the difference of dignity.
in that sense, everyone is equals.
i completely agree..
what says u?

btw i haven watched Iron Man 2 yet..
will watch it soon i guess..
if i ever go out lah~

cant wait for the one day trip.....
plan it ppl plan it!
(you know who u are, hohoho)

oh ya!
i have heard that Jay Chou will be starring in Ip Man 3..
i'm like shocked!
why him?
i think the kung fu soccer's goal keeper is still the best choice!
hehehe =p..