Monday, April 26, 2010


i realized i have got no luck in high tech, electronic stuff..
computer, laptop, mp3, mouse, speaker, headphone, handsfree..
simply because, these thing that i own,
they either wont last long,
or they sure will have some problems after awhile.
let me tell you one by one..

my first computer, it got struck by lightning for a few times.

my laptop, it crashed after a few months i bought.

mp3, it got lost at first,
and now i've found it back,
but after awhile, the small screen is not showing anything..

speaker, spoil easily..

headphone.. omg! i changed for few times already!
either the thing broke or the speaker something wrong..

handsfree..lost or spoil..

best thing, MOUSE!
usually not that easy to spoil right?
my fren have been using his for few years..
and me?!
i have been changing since the day i have computer..

am i that bad luck?!

I'm like sad.......
because my mouse spoiled AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


does this mean that i should use techno stuff in my life?
luckily i din spread the bad luck to other appliances in the house...


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