Friday, April 30, 2010

love everything of u

love the spaghetti u cooked,
love the mushroom soup u prepared,
love the love we share,
love the surprise u gave, (even though i actually expected~)
love the effort you have put in.
love that you love me.
and last but not least, i love you too~


Monday, April 26, 2010


i realized i have got no luck in high tech, electronic stuff..
computer, laptop, mp3, mouse, speaker, headphone, handsfree..
simply because, these thing that i own,
they either wont last long,
or they sure will have some problems after awhile.
let me tell you one by one..

my first computer, it got struck by lightning for a few times.

my laptop, it crashed after a few months i bought.

mp3, it got lost at first,
and now i've found it back,
but after awhile, the small screen is not showing anything..

speaker, spoil easily..

headphone.. omg! i changed for few times already!
either the thing broke or the speaker something wrong..

handsfree..lost or spoil..

best thing, MOUSE!
usually not that easy to spoil right?
my fren have been using his for few years..
and me?!
i have been changing since the day i have computer..

am i that bad luck?!

I'm like sad.......
because my mouse spoiled AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


does this mean that i should use techno stuff in my life?
luckily i din spread the bad luck to other appliances in the house...


Saturday, April 24, 2010

i am happy

finally i have done with my semester 3.. =)
i am happy that i have learnt alot from this semester..
not only in terms of academy but something more than that..

i learn something that actually i knew it since last time,
its just that, i never expected i will be going through this kind of thing..
it even made me felt so emotional.. (i wonder why)
its about life,
and yes, this is life..
to survive, you have to accept that..
yes, now i know, and learning to adapt to it..

and really thanks to two WOMEN, haha.. for saving me from depression.. lol
they are just so nice to be friend with..
glad that i get to know them better in this semester too..
and also, some that i did not expect to get so close to..
what i have gained from this semester - friendships.. =)..
i am happy, really..

happy that i have finished exam, although with some regrets,
and i know i always can do better, which this always turn out to be the words that i said after the end of a semester..
shall learn to be more hardworking? i know i should, but im not sure if i can make it..
determination, come to me!
i want to stand out!
to survive!

Monday, April 12, 2010


sometimes i wonder, what is on my mind..
i feel so bad whenever i have that thinking..
and it goes worse when i know im so not capable.. it sucks to the max..
since when i am such a pessimist?
i dun like myself... blahhhh...

Thursday, April 1, 2010

who am i?

this post is a very random post which will be me, talking about myself..
im finding out, what kind of person i am.

sometimes i wonder,
is there any problem with my personalities?
being myself too much is not a good thing?
people hate me that way?

then how am i going to behave?
smile ALL the time and pretend that ntg can make me angry?
maybe i could, but definitely not at this moment.
im so not a good tempered person..
i got frustrated easily but i swear im changing..
i try to suppress my emotion when i talk, yes i do get over excited or over react sometimes
but heck, i wont react so for long..
my temper comes fast and goes fast..

im sometimes a pessimist. i really am..
haha.. but i dun show much to others as i prefer to be the listener..
learning to give great advices and being as convincing as i can are something that make me feel better, make me feel like i m good at something.. at least.

i like to stick to people whom i think will concern about me.. haha.. yeah..
that's much like a thing that kids will do..
somehow.. i m very clingy.. to him, or to friends.

i love attention..
who doesnt? it just depending on the level on how much attention a person wants.
to me, im a very contradict person.. sometimes i love attention, sometimes i would rather not.
maybe i should say, i want people to remember me..

i start to pressure myself..not sure its in a good or bad way.. but the feeling is not good.. get things done is happy, but after that the feeling or regret for not giving my best is huge too.. yet i still cant give all in to do anything.. i do not know why..

im trying to be as good as i can.. i help people with all i can.. not sure unconsciously am i being selfish.. but i guess i did help people in some ways.. am i?

being a person like this, is a good or bad thing? i really don't know. still got alot more to talk about myself i know.. but i cant think of any now.. but those are enough i guessed..

how to be a good person? i really would like to know about it... should i google it too?