Friday, February 26, 2010

what a day!!

i am sorry that i abandoned my blog for SO long, i really lazy and no mood to update..
but seriously, i have to talk about today.. an awesome day..LOL

i happily done my poster assignment and the documentation, and printed the doc out, however, as i reached college, i get a really bad news that the margins i set was WRONG..argh!!!
i have to re-print = spend unnecessary money... i copied my files to DVD and what my fren told me that, CD-R is a must.. DVD is not allowed... WTF?! fine, su wern lent me her cd so that i could burn the files to the cd = wasted my dvd and wasted her cd!!! sigh

nvm, i tot everything is done after this, but when i went to print my poster, i left the umbrella i brought along.. so i have to return to the shop and take it..

fine.. then as i back to the classroom, tot everything was fine again.. another bad news popped up, which was, PRNT SCRN is a must!!!!!!!!! OMG!! which means i have to redo EVERYTHING again!!!T_T...

ok, i borrow laptop from faisal... and when i put in the dvd, cannot open the filess!!! OMG!!! the cd also!!!! i was really no energy already.. luckily, afiqah lent me her laptop.. so i got to edit...

as i went to print, the computer hang!! @@.. waiting for dunno how long, still hang, then the uncle dunno do how many times only started to print.. then when i was printing, fren called me and told me that lecturer is leaving!! crap, i had not printed out yet!!! then the very last minute, i finally printed all out, as i left, i realized i left my harddisk! WTF!! ran back and take and ran back to the class.. she already left the class...

i quickly get my cover page and stapler all the doc together.. and i asked my fren to pass up for me as i really dun wanna walk already..

what a good day to me... sigh..

assignments piling up...i have to really working on it already laaaaaaaaaaa...haih..

Monday, February 1, 2010

i'm your sweetheart and no one else's

28th of January 2010,
was me and dear dear's one year anniversary..=)
but din get to celebrate on that day itself,
because i have got class until 6 on that day.
so we decided to celebrate on friday!

he came and picked me up from college,
and then we went pyramid~
to watch movie~
oh! its been SO LONG since i watched movie!!
we watched tooth fairy..
its funny..
i like it...
and also because it made dear laughed so many times..
so cute..

and then after that,
we headed to taipan,
and did survey on something that dear wants to buy...
walked around taipan..
train my legs
when we were on our way going back the klang
the traffic in subang was abit slow due to the traffic light.
so i had taken dear's pic in the car..=D

what an expression~

i look ugly but who cares...

do i look like i cut my hair?hehehe


for our dinner,
we went to Windmill that near my place.
i remembered i went there before when i was really small...
the ambience was good...
the food was ok...
service was good...
not to say very expensive...
it depends actually...
and of cuz,
i did take some pictures...=D

he looks cute right?hehe

no proper and nice pic for both of us...XD
nvm la...
can take next time..hahaha

oh btw,
i handed in my first assignment today!
although it is not good..
but at least i finish it...
ON time..
thanks to dear...
he taught me how to do and gave me guidance actually...
tell me how do i live without him?

got to go and start hypnotizing myself to start doing my assignments!