Thursday, December 16, 2010

little update

results' out..
the grades arent bad..
but i am not really satisfied..
i mean, it's kinda relieved that the CGPA of mine was not affected much,
but, i just don't like that particular alphabet.. THAT ONE.. haih..

Kiasu right? lol, yea i admit, i actually am.. =(
kinda pathetic indeed..
it's like, no one even want to compete with me,
i am never aware of my limitations and compare myself with others,
in fact, i can never be better than them..
i knew that, but why would i keep repeating the same thing? sigh
i am fine, really am..
just ranting.. =p
trying to be less kiasu as possible.. hoho.. TRYING okay?
not easy..

oh i found a job that i really want to work..
but ARGH... they are giving KWSP and socso,
good right? i know..
but i can't work for job that has those two benefits..
i am having loan that strictly not allowing me to work..
if they know, poof! loan gone!
so yeah.. gotta sacrifice.. =)

oh well...
next sem, toughest i would say, exclude internship of course, that would be part of life and part of college..
for the Diploma itself, last sem to study in college will be the toughest, TRUST me,
don't trust others.. lol..
seeing the subjects that haven't yet taken is scaring me already..
and, somehow i am blur with what i should take for my Degree..
i have lots of plans, but they seem unrealistic..
i should really think through it isnt it?

oh by the way,
today, really a random thought,
i thought about last time, roughly 7,8 years ago,
one of the Chinese channel of Astro did show some anime
and yah! i watched hahaha
you know i never remembered that i used to watch anime before except for the detective conan..
and today i recalled! hahaha
those anime were really nice!!
Fancy Lala is one of those!!
the only one i can remember..
and thanks to Su Wern,
she helped me find the title..
i am in the progress of finding as many of them as i can..

i feel so happy when i remembered..
and Rachel was the one who share the same interest with me..
been through alot of discussions and singing sessions in CLASS.. hahaha
it was great memories of mine.. hehe

it's half of the holiday already!!!
can time pass a little slower?
i know i know, holiday is boring right?
but to me it is certainly not.. hehe..
you know what, starting from the year of 2011,
my age is going to begin with number 2 already!!! gosh..
cannot accept it..
i am still so childish!! =(
not gonna think not gonna think..
i am just going to enjoy the remaining holidays to the maxi maxy..

everyone please do too!

signing off..

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

holiday... work...

its the fifth day of holiday..
time passes kinda fast eh?
i think i am the ONLY person that would claim that holiday is never boring for me..
it never failed to make me feel happy during holiday..
i like staying at home and do nothing...

but i want to get a job also... need money... =(..
dun feel like doing promoter job...
i hate hard selling.. its extremely annoying... pfft..
still looking for job.. but what can i do in just one month time?

oh i was so unlucky that i straight fell sick on the first day of holiday..
however i recovered after a few days..
almost gone for doc, but sister was too lazy to bring me so eventually, i saved

ahh i have been craving for tau fu fa for more than 2 weeks!! =((
i am not happy.. every time want to buy also epic fail..
even today i wanted to eat laksa also the stall was closed... ahhh..
i wan tau fu fa!!! T_T gotta buy it tmr!! must... if not i will be dam emo.. for sure...

haven seen him for very long it seems.. i dun like it.. =(

just a random post to keep my blog alive..

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

you are the best i could ever ask for

this post might be really really cheesy, but i think i have to write it out..
as a memory for the future, a thankful and grateful moment for now..

in the year of 2008, i got to know him..
in the year of 2009, we got together,
in the year of 2010, we gone through quite a lot of hardships, and yes, we are still counting and working hard for the future..
we wouldn't be, if he didn't hold me tight..
we wouldn't be, if he just gave up when i wanted to..
we wouldn't be, if he didn't bear with me and my really-bad-temper-only-to-him...
we wouldn't be, if he didn't love me as much as he did when we just started and still does now..

i am not a good gf.. i really am not...
i am superb hot tempered especially to him..fussy about every single thing..
i am demanding..
i... am just bad..
but he never scold me.. sometimes i wish he does...
he takes everything to himself, and all he does, is apologize..
what more can i ask from him??
he was
a friend that called me because i was sad..
a friend that talked to me for 2 hours even we didn't meet in person before..
a friend that called me almost everyday just to make sure i am happy..
a friend that talked to me in mandarin even though he was so not use to it..
a friend that didn't mind spending credits on a friend whom never met before..

2009 up till now...
he is
a bf that never scold me..
a bf that give whatever i want as long as he could make it...
a bf that put me as his priority..
a bf that tries to be romantic even though he was not and now still not..=p
a bf that tells me everything.. everything..
a bf that supports me even though sometimes i am not so right..
a bf that love me more than himself...
and the list goes on and on........

so what more can i ask for?
if come to think of it...i would want him to be..
a little more sensitive perhaps? i think this is something every gf wish for.. haha
don't treat me SO good also? because i will be so use to it, and be even more demanding..
argue with me when he thinks he is right? because i think he deserves to be heard and not just me..
think more for himself.. and voice it out.. i might get angry, but try explain to me.. and i will know i am wrong..
take the risk lar, u have no choice.. =p

look at the calendar, its almost 1 year and 10 months..
i think, we might not gone through the most difficult hardship,
but we definitely gone through a lot...
you gone through even bearing up with me...

i know, there will be even more problems we have to face..
and definitely not easy..
but i know, you will not let me walk alone...
other than those external problems,
i guess i might be one of your biggest problem...
i won't ask you to bear it all, i won't promise i will change..
but i hope, things will get better as it goes.. alright??

i wanna throw some quotes now..
- there's no 100% perfect partner, but only both with 50%..
- The spaces between your fingers were created so that another's could fill them in.

i would say, to me, i do not know what will happen to both of us in the future, but at this moment, your fingers are those that fill in spaces between my fingers perfectly.. 
- The Spaces Between My Fingers Are Right Where Yours Fit Perfectly (just found it online)
and, you are the partner with more than 50% and nearly 100% that complement my imperfections. 

you are the best i could ever ask for... this is the only thing i can conclude about you..
thank you, Daniel Lim. 
and thanks for the effort you have put into this relationship..
i love you..
from Cecilia Soo..
did this in a rush.. lol.. ps: WHY do we always forget to take pic.. =(.. i dun have enough photos to post.. so sad..

should i keep this post? because i think it is really TOO cheesy.. i think not everyone can take it.. i think tmr when i read.. i might have goose bump too.. =S

Monday, November 15, 2010

wake me up when nov ends...

the title is not relevant, simply nie hahaha...
oh today was the last day for sem 5, had some fun with classmates and not forgetting the lunch with lecturer after class.. LOL..

someone is calling me for update..
padahal he himself never updated his blog.. CHEH..
i am officially done with semester FIVE! 
time flies.. everyone knows...
this semester.. was a real hectic ones.. 
and i never knew many things can actually happen in four months time, seriously..
technically, was not the whole four months though..
as a conclusion, things happened real fast in this semester and none of us get to control it..
haha.. what a semester.. o.o..
but i think as everyone would say, people learn in every semester..
yup i did too..
and i am glad that, things are now back to normal as last time.. as in really last time.. =)..

OH! went bukit tinggi for some dessert that day (Saturday 1113)..  
sort of like planned already one because i have been telling him that i want to go and try! hehe
so, we went~

the content is not bad, but the mistake the shop done is that, they did not laminate the menu, they just started the business not long, but the menu looks dam old already..

 i ordered something called heart in greed(not sure).. mix fruits in mango sago soup SOMETHING like that, i don't remember what was the description, it would be a good choice for those who like fruits, they have kiwi, watermelon, mango, apple, nata de coco and cincau jelly.. very filling.. lol

OH i like this!! this was his.. i totally forgot the name.. ahha.. something white pearl.. pfft.. it has mango, banana, sago, nata de coco and longan!( i likey!! ) in it.. give it a go.. the taste is really not bad IMO.. =)

he order this fried rice also because he was a little hungry.. hmm.. i would say that it tasted quite nice, but a little too oily.. =)

overall, the desserts are good,
but because they just started the business,
they do not have enough workers, hence the service was a bit slow.. 
but i would definitely go back and try out the variety dessert they provided.. =p...

at night (0000), i went back to that area again.. haha..
for a surprise celebration for Priscilla, my childhood friend..
never seen her for years and suddenly Rachel called me up for this thing,
so i immediately said okay as i appreciate chances that i can gather with my old friends..

 she was in total shock that day.. ahahaha

four of us.. Eric, Rachel, Pris and me.. =)

her special made handmade birthday card.. =)

great day i would conclude.. 
it felt like i finally get to breathe for one day after the hectic semester..
and now, it ended already..
after finals, im officially done with semester 5.. 
one month holiday is near.. 
and imma gonna rock my holiday with my own way.. =D.. 
staying at home and do ntg would be the best i could do..
also probably with friends call me for outings.. 
but if dont have, i will just stay at home..
it's okay~ 
it's such a long post i think, gotta stop now and... 
shall try to study? but am still lazy.. =p

signing off,

Thursday, October 21, 2010

not emo post.. =)

i am demotivated..
but i am supposed to be worry-free..
i don't want people around me feel stressed out yet i'm the one doing it..
things will work out..
that's basically what i am holding on most of the time..
but today, perception changed..
sometimes i feel, effort will not pay off..
is it because not enough effort were put in?
is it because of my problem?
i don't want to be a failure,
never wanted to be one - kiasu you called it.
i always wanted to excel,
but always seemed to be lacking of something..
something that i do not know..
what is that particular thing that always restricts me from improving?
is it my very-low confidence?
or it is actually that i don't even know what i am capable for?
sometimes i am so reluctant to believe that,
everyone is born with something good, something that make them special..
because i don't see it in myself..
i certainly don't..

ok, maybe, maybe what is so special about myself is..
i always hoping to be better,
and i am trying striving hard to be one..
but i never knew if i did succeed..hahaha...

this is definitely not an emo post...
more like ranting about how i felt like at that particular moment this morning..
but after that, i totally left in behind..
see how fast i adapt/recover?
cold blooded sheesh!
i just searched for how to make my life worthwhile.. haha..
google is man's best fren?
oops.. not advertising it!
it is completely a question okay~

so to make my life worthwhile,
according to Jim Rohn,
i have to learn, try, stay, and care..
from that,
i realize that,
even though i am learning,
but i don't seem to be learning happily,
i don't try,
tend to give up before trying..
no wonder my life seems worthless all this while..
from now on,
i should learn!
i should try!
i should stay and care with open heart! =)
work hard for it kie?

shall off for my assignment..
will learn how to do it,
try to do as many as i can,
stay for awhile more after i want to stop doing it,
and that's because i care for my performance in class.. =p

Friday, October 15, 2010

sparky sparky here i come!

both pic taken after movie at the interlink of Mid Valley and Gardens
went to mid valley for the career fair on last Saturday.. fun..
chicken rice was expensive! but okay la.. quite nice...
delicious was very tempting yea? lets go makan next time!
but before that, i should work first.. =)

step up 3 after that.. 3D.. not so much of 3D effect..
i felt a bit wasted for watching 3D though..
but i definitely love those dance.. cool!
storyline... typical ones.. ntg much..
with his colleages btw..
very kind people! funny i meant.. oops.. haha
reached home late..
got "ngam" a lil by mommy & sis..
maybe no next time?

gonna try something new with new people..
hoping for some new sparks..
ntg went wrong..seriously..
just that, i think it is bad for not being able to make something work out sometimes..
it is just out of my limit... and i hate it very much..
i shouldn't just leave it all to them...
i might be a lil selfish.. that i chose to go with something else than remain the same..
but i din mean anything by doing so...
plainly wanna learn to deal with different kinds of people..
get some experience, wishing for some sparks..
thats only what im hoping for...

every cloud has a silver lining...

im definitely lovin this quote...because it taught me alot..
i love reading quote..
rather than force myself to read book..
maybe i shall turn to quotes to improve my vocabulary?
plus it is something i can reach easier than holding a book and force myself to understand..
i need silence when i read.. thats hard.. so yea~

i miss childhood..
because it is worry free... yay! for that..

random.. i know..
work work work
money money money..
assignment assignment assignment...

OH! one last thing!
one more month of diet to go...
cecilia.. jia you! =)
say no to food! =X..
oily ones i meant..


Monday, September 27, 2010

there's always rainbow after storm.. =)

today's a better day..
yesterday was such a mess..
i was so stressed up with assignments.. the first time.. seriously..
i always do thing last minute..
but experienced such a situation definitely is my first time..
i aint going to finish my work..
totally helpless.. i didnt know what to do..
writing aimlessly was exactly what was i doing...

but LUCKILY.. things got better at night..
and even better in today's morning..
after the test, at least it's a relief..
and at least i make my assignment close to the word count already..
left one more and im so called done..

but of cuz, save the "best" for last.. obviously it ain't gonna be easy..
cracking my brain to understand what my fren told me..
and frankly speaking..
i dun understand still..
nvm lar.. gonna crap along the way..

gonna cut my hair soon.. outta shape already!
its ugly..
i din even want to style it.. gosh..
short hair needs more care.. agree?
but i still like having short hair.. =)
more styles la..
instead of long straight hair or curly hair..
short hair is plain awesome TO ME...

have the baking mood..
but im on diet..
should i?

Thursday, September 23, 2010

feeling bad + field trip

i really don't like what happened today..
it is not like, i have put in lots of effort but hey i still did put in effort.
i kept come to you to get the approval. it's not like i just nah give it to you at the very last minute.
but how could you disapprove at the last minute but in fact u approved it previously?
i don't blame you..
I'm blaming myself more as i again brought so much trouble to others.
i didn't want it at all..
i really hate bringing all the unnecessary works to others when it is supposed to be my job..
i felt really bad.. but i don't know what could i do to make up the mistakes i have done..
i feel like shit i tell u.. i really did..

however, i m good now..
i won't be bothered by things for long time..
what done is done, rather than emo all the time, it is better for me to buck up and do something better..

well.. field trip today was fun..
the camera, control room and stuff..
but why would i look more to the PR side when i got zero interest in PR?
i cant do PR job for nuts...o.o
bad relations with people..=X
hmmm.....tmr would be better i think? the refreshment i am actually looking forward to..
maybe the printing part will catch my attention..
but what can i eat is the main thing..
OH! i need to send Ms. Naomi something.. almost forgot OMG!
oh well.. but i wont be eating much also since i'm on diet now..
but can see and try abit is better than nothing right..
what if the refreshment part is just a lie?
bet alot ppl will complain? haha maybe..

seriously.. gotta start working on my stuff..
procrastinating!! i hate you like seriously..grr
please stay away from me laaaaaaaah!

Monday, September 20, 2010

today's post is completely messy.. im just writing out something that appears in my head...

* first thing first...speech was bad today.. blame the hair can i? blame my hands.. blame the everything..=(
calculated in my heart.. guess the other marks wont be able to pull up the whole percentage..
ok i m like sad... i need you.. =(

but nah.. im okay.. i wont be too sad over my results actually..
but when the final outcome is out..
same thing is going to pop up all over again... ha ha ha...
nvm la... as i believe that i can still do better... =) try harder when there's a chance!

well.. things aren't going so well recently.. wonder when will it be okay..
nothing i can do but keep waiting..

*determination is doing its work.. but external influences cause me to be slow...
i dun like it...

*OH! need to buy a weighing machine soon! to constantly check on my weight.. ahem...
if not go over board den it wont be a good thing.. =p

*its been long since i drink coffee.. im missing the taste..
but no choice.. i have to try to quit..

*man! i din eat bread for few weeks! argh!!!
not good.. i love the taste of bread.. call me a bread maniac.. =D

* assignments are piling up.. yet i cant help to feel the pressure inside me..
i dunno why and im so lazy to kick my ass to start doing them.. why eh?

i think i am lacking of many values... shall find them back right?
but where should i?

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

great challenges is queuing up

suddenly, i feel like challenges are coming toward me..
silently, openly..
assignments and studies are definitely part of them.. datelines are crucial...
all fall on this pretty Sept.
which i think, this is a bad month...
because.. something that was really killing me just happened not long ago...
not gonna talk about it because it is now the past tense..
am only going to treasure and cherish the moment, the time i have..
appreciate, this word is so great yet I'm still far from it...

back to assignment... let me tell u what..
two assignments are on weekly basis.. have to keep it on track, consistently..
one assignment i think would be handing in on 20th Sept,
another draft of assignment on 20th Sept as well..
test on 21st of Sept..
one assignment due on 27th and lastly, one more due on the 30th...
sounds fun right?

without knowing there are actually so many assignments suppose to due this month,
i gladly went on an interview for part time job while accompanying my friend to her interview with a person from the industry..
which that was part of the assignment..
i would went with her because i was suppose to interview her at first.. well.. long story..
and yes, i was so lucky that, i almost gotten the job..
need to wait for the screening...
so i need to went to some training on both 16th and 17th...
guess whaaaat... 16th is HOLIDAAAY... ahh gonna spend the holiday w/o resting!
where 17th, we supposed to have assignment outing..
luck isn't on my side isn't it?

not finish yet.. after telling the girl that i will make it on both the days...
i asked Daniel to find me a creative director for my interview.. assignment as u know...
thinking just to try my luck and asked him to send out the email..
and surprisingly.. she REPLIED!!
BUT her free time will be tmr late afternoon or either on Friday...
Tomorrow got class.. so i guess it's probably impossible..
17th is on Friday... my screening and assignment outing day... HOW?!
plus i wont have any transport to get to the kelana square.. pretty tough ya..

anddd... I wont be able to see him for weeks... gotta miss him like crazy especially when i start working with me drowning in the assignments sea... how? =(.. that's the saddest part of all tho...

challenging much? gotta split my body to multitask...
hope i got super power so much now..
then i will have no problems with dateline... =)

gotta do my survey now.. distributing them tmr!
wish me luck that i could get them back on TIME~

tough life means i learn more.. achieve better and going to do better in the future..
time to change...
be a better man..=p

Friday, September 3, 2010


this semester is all about food...
it comes from last two semester actually...
during sem 3, the last day of final was yika's bday..
so then we celebrated her bday in heartz (if im not mistaken with the name)...
den last sem, it was my bday.. den......... we celebrated in Chili's.
somehowwww... it became a "tradition" for us to go for some better food when we come out as a gang.. a big gang..
and from there, i get to eat at different places where i have never been before...
TGIF, Chili's, Souled Out...
oh! the cake in Chili's, i did mention before right?
it was really good.. again, although i dont fancy chocolate but i like this cake..
their portion of food was biggggg too! everyone almost puke after eating..
learn from there, we shall share it next time..
easier for calculation also lol
and souled out, the food was okay..
din get to eat too much because that day i was quite full, maybe because of the carbonara was a lil too creamy..
but that is definitely a good place for friends' gathering.
yesterday.. we went italianies for Ivan's birthday......
the food was good... but the portion, looks quite small.. hahaha... maybe for too many of us to share... it seemed small.. =p
the cake was good too! haha
had great times going all these places with the good friends of mine..
really treasure them alot..
and most importantly, me and him get to eat more variety of food too... =)
too bad... i dun have pictures for the places..
will try to upload if i got the original photos..

just for the sake of blogging.. =D..
sorry for the wordy post.. hehe

Saturday, August 28, 2010


this song is very nice...
i like the part where lee hom plays the gu zheng..
it is just plainnnnnnnnnnnn AWESOME! =D

知人知面 知己知彼 又知心 古人說 這就是所謂知音
相知相惜 相親相愛 也相憶 朋友妳 會不會常把我想起
何年何月 何日何時 再相聚 何時能 把酒言歡暢回憶
很多很多 很深很深 的回憶 很多歌 我只想要爲妳唱起

春秋時期 遠近知名伯牙琴藝 沈魚也出水 馬兒仰秣聆聽
聆聽 寂寞 的聲音 舉世知名 不如 一個知音
直到子期 聞琴解開伯牙心境 高山流水 風景似有靈悉
高山青 流水靜 如鏡 無言卻勝過有言的天地

聽 宮商角征羽 那歌詞未寫上的是那份 弦外的延長音
斟一杯酒 一抱拳 一句關心 在千年之後 再延續 不變的旋律
當 春雪融夏景 秋風爲我捎封信
冬 冬鑼隆冬牆 冬冬鑼隆隆冬牆牆 又是思念的四季

知人知面 知己知彼 又知心 古人說 這就是所謂知音
相知相惜 相親相愛 也相憶 朋友妳 會不會常把我想起
何年何月 何日何時 再相聚 何時能 把酒言歡暢回憶
很多很多 很深很深 的回憶 很多歌 我只想要爲妳唱起

某年某月 某天伯牙再訪子期 風景依舊綠 子期卻已歸西
觸景 觸琴 即傷情 伯牙絕弦 只因再無知音
千年過去 當我再度撥弄琴韻 更多冷箭 更多冷言冷語
請妳聽 請輕輕 傾聽 唱給我永遠不離棄的知音

聽 宮商角征羽 那歌詞未寫上的是那份 弦外的延長音
斟一杯酒 一抱拳 一句關心 在千年之後 再延續不變的旋律
當 春雪融夏景 秋風爲我捎封信
冬 冬鑼隆冬牆 冬冬鑼隆隆冬牆牆 又是思念的四季

知人知面 知己知彼 又知心 古人說 這就是所謂知音
相知相惜 相親相愛 也相憶 朋友妳 會不會常把我想起
何年何月 何日何時 再相聚 何時能 把酒言歡暢回憶
很多很多 很深很深 的回憶 很多歌 我只想要爲妳唱起

Monday, August 16, 2010

update update

semester 5 now..
slacking like nobody's business..
it is bad..
im afraid that my cgpa is dropping..
omg i really don't want it...
please help me to get rid of my slacking attitude and give me DETERMINATION and hardworking..

i need money also... gosh i need cash so much okay..
got so many little things wanna buy...
budget budget...
i dunno where my money have gone to seriously...
always gone with the wind...
daniel lim if u are reading this, please tell me where my money have gone to okay? =pp

and.. sorry lor for pinching u.. but u also shoulnt have done that even if u were angry also lor..
i dun like it... no next time.. or i wont tam u anymore.. =p

thats my update la! u better comment..

ps: bila mau jumpa? XD

Monday, July 19, 2010







Thursday, July 15, 2010


it's holiday..
i am like happy.. =)
but i screwed my final paper!
hell yeah!
i din know how to and that i was so cranky until i feel like scolding everyone around me..
haha something was not right with me then..
but still i managed to crap something out.. note.. SOMETHING only..
im definitely not gonna get good grade for this subject...
im actually quite sad..
but i would say i actually tried my very best..
even though i still blame myself i should have focused more and rmb as many as i can..
no point blaming as its already over...
just gotta move on..

had an belated celebration yesterday.. (its 12.44am now..haha)
i had alot of fun but...(*censored*)
thanks for the molten and dear, the lady bird cake too.. =p
i like the cake.. it tasted awesome. even though i dont fancy chocolate. but it's indeed nice to eat.. haha...
it was really funny moment when i tot the birthday song is for some other table out there... ahaha..
mana tau.. that was for me.. hehe..
surprised but too shy to respond.. =P

having headache now..
guess not enough water..

gonna start enjoying my holiday! yuuhoo~



Monday, July 12, 2010

one down.. one more~

finished my Advertising paper today..
urm.. it was okay...
i mean i know how to do..but..something is not right..
haha.. i always think that i could always done better..
hehe nvm.. passed already..

i don't have the feeling of final exam..
maybe this semester just came so fast and ending so fast until i dont feel anything.
really.. its like today is the final, but i just started my sem 4 yesterday..
haha.. fast enough?

wednesday will be PR paper...
this paper make me feel more scared actually..
because.. i dont really understand about it..
not even.....a thing.. =X

so yeah.. have to study.. no choice lor..
have to study on THAT particular day.. ish...

alright, shall take a rest now.. =p
and study for the last paper.. =)


Saturday, July 10, 2010


i really hate spammers!
i feel like my blog somehow got polluted!
how can i get rid of them?
even though its based on some auto shuffle thing but still..
why always my blog?~

will they be gone if i update my blog more?
if it works this way..
i will update more!

monday - advertising..
study cecilia..

u still have ur PR not started even a thing yet..
u dun do it now..
u are definitely screwing this whole semester!

Wednesday, July 7, 2010


it took me so long to update my blog..
having so many spammers in my blog always give me the thought of removing the blog....
since i do not have readers also..
but this blog has a lot of my memories..
good, bad, childish..
once in awhile trace back the past is quite fun,
i always blame myself for being so stupid last time..


finals is next week..
i hope i will study.. and excel..
somehow i don't think i am suitable in this industry..
well, will only decide after i go for internship.. =)

time flies.. 2 more weeks like that to one and a half year.. so fast..
celebrating? dont think so.. haha..

i need to work! any lobang? i wan moneyyyyyyyyyyyy..

ok random.. haha..
shall stop now...


Monday, June 7, 2010






5岁的外甥:*eeeeeee* 几白~


Tuesday, May 25, 2010

bad day

today is not my day...
i dun like it...
its fine lar that i turned out to be a joke... i find it funny also..
but i really dun like this happen to me so often...
i had my shoes spoiled in the college for three times already..
the difficult situation is sometimes hard to deal with.. argh..
if i have got no yika who helped me today, i might needed to walk with bare foot...
oh noo.. i dun wan... =(

abit stress over the comm research.. =(..
i feel like i have chosen a wrong topic?
yes? no?
it would be pretty interesting i guess..
but why do i feel like i actually lack of something?
haih.. just go with the flow lar...
follow whatever only.. but i shall be more initiative.. to learn more...
for the sake of myself...
not forgetting the bf who is always beside me.
(not when he forgets about me for his "beauty sleep" joking laahhh~=p)
i really appreciate whatever u have done...
thanks baby!
btw, when can we meet?
can i have u both saturday and sunday? hehe..
im greedy.. i know! =P

ok lah..
shall go and prepare for the comm research proposal and maybe have a short nap..
im quite tired i wonder why..


Sunday, May 23, 2010


i wonder why are they so many people spam my blog recently...
is that a form of advertising? LOL..
it doesnt work on me.. sorry~

the chat box is for those who actually have the intention to read my blog to comment..
(cheyy i know i dun have readers laa~)
but even so, that doesnt mean that i like spammer... sheeesh...

so.. dun spam my blog please~

Monday, May 17, 2010

first day of college?

today is the first day of semester 4.
and after 3 weeks of holiday,
i actually feel very lazy to go back to college.. =p
yes yes, i know
i am so not a study person...

alright that's not the point..
the first class was comm research.
i feel the tension even though it is only the FIRST class...


it is a subject with 100% coursework.
which means last minute is a big no no..

second, my lecturer is definitely want to help us in the subject,
hence she has to "torture" us will hell lots of thinking, brainstorming and not forgetting,
weekly exercises (or i should call it weekly assignment?)
she will be suffering in marking our work as well...
i am not complaining about this.. =)

i still don't know what i want to write,
i have the big idea but then,
it is too general..
and i still don't see the aspect that i want to research on.. =(
but i hope i will figure it out soon, and i HAVE to..

first day of class and i am sick..
luckily i feel much better now after trying different medicines.. lol
and i must take good care of myself...
i am not allowed to get sick in this short semester because i don't want to miss any classes...
i hate and afraid that i cannot catch up if i ever absent in one class..
the feeling is definitely torturing..

i am not hardworking..
u know,
saying is always louder and easier than action...
but i really hope someone will guide me and tell me what to study...
i am so dependent!!! =(
and i hate this... argh!

i have problem in organizing a proper post..
>.< sorray!

ok la, its time to stop..
shall learn more about the skills of blogging by reading more and more BLOGS.. =)


Thursday, May 6, 2010


since everyone is blogging about IP Man 2, i guessed i should miss the "trend" too..

watched it with friends in One Utama on 2nd of May..
got free ticket from GSC so yea..

it was really an awesome piece!
the different types of kung fu (Chinese Martial Art) were nicely choreographed and yes! well presented by Donnie Yan and Sammo Hung!
Donnie Yan is the master of Wing Chun where Sammo Hung is the master of Hung Kuen..

like seriously,
i got angry by watching the so called world winner for western boxing, twister being so racist!
i was cursing in the cinema LOL..
of cuz, quietly. =p
i just hate it by seeing people being so unfair and look down on other races so much..
i have no right to judge,
but what Ip Man said is right! hoho
the difference in status shouldn't lead to the difference of dignity.
in that sense, everyone is equals.
i completely agree..
what says u?

btw i haven watched Iron Man 2 yet..
will watch it soon i guess..
if i ever go out lah~

cant wait for the one day trip.....
plan it ppl plan it!
(you know who u are, hohoho)

oh ya!
i have heard that Jay Chou will be starring in Ip Man 3..
i'm like shocked!
why him?
i think the kung fu soccer's goal keeper is still the best choice!
hehehe =p..


Friday, April 30, 2010

love everything of u

love the spaghetti u cooked,
love the mushroom soup u prepared,
love the love we share,
love the surprise u gave, (even though i actually expected~)
love the effort you have put in.
love that you love me.
and last but not least, i love you too~


Monday, April 26, 2010


i realized i have got no luck in high tech, electronic stuff..
computer, laptop, mp3, mouse, speaker, headphone, handsfree..
simply because, these thing that i own,
they either wont last long,
or they sure will have some problems after awhile.
let me tell you one by one..

my first computer, it got struck by lightning for a few times.

my laptop, it crashed after a few months i bought.

mp3, it got lost at first,
and now i've found it back,
but after awhile, the small screen is not showing anything..

speaker, spoil easily..

headphone.. omg! i changed for few times already!
either the thing broke or the speaker something wrong..

handsfree..lost or spoil..

best thing, MOUSE!
usually not that easy to spoil right?
my fren have been using his for few years..
and me?!
i have been changing since the day i have computer..

am i that bad luck?!

I'm like sad.......
because my mouse spoiled AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


does this mean that i should use techno stuff in my life?
luckily i din spread the bad luck to other appliances in the house...


Saturday, April 24, 2010

i am happy

finally i have done with my semester 3.. =)
i am happy that i have learnt alot from this semester..
not only in terms of academy but something more than that..

i learn something that actually i knew it since last time,
its just that, i never expected i will be going through this kind of thing..
it even made me felt so emotional.. (i wonder why)
its about life,
and yes, this is life..
to survive, you have to accept that..
yes, now i know, and learning to adapt to it..

and really thanks to two WOMEN, haha.. for saving me from depression.. lol
they are just so nice to be friend with..
glad that i get to know them better in this semester too..
and also, some that i did not expect to get so close to..
what i have gained from this semester - friendships.. =)..
i am happy, really..

happy that i have finished exam, although with some regrets,
and i know i always can do better, which this always turn out to be the words that i said after the end of a semester..
shall learn to be more hardworking? i know i should, but im not sure if i can make it..
determination, come to me!
i want to stand out!
to survive!

Monday, April 12, 2010


sometimes i wonder, what is on my mind..
i feel so bad whenever i have that thinking..
and it goes worse when i know im so not capable.. it sucks to the max..
since when i am such a pessimist?
i dun like myself... blahhhh...

Thursday, April 1, 2010

who am i?

this post is a very random post which will be me, talking about myself..
im finding out, what kind of person i am.

sometimes i wonder,
is there any problem with my personalities?
being myself too much is not a good thing?
people hate me that way?

then how am i going to behave?
smile ALL the time and pretend that ntg can make me angry?
maybe i could, but definitely not at this moment.
im so not a good tempered person..
i got frustrated easily but i swear im changing..
i try to suppress my emotion when i talk, yes i do get over excited or over react sometimes
but heck, i wont react so for long..
my temper comes fast and goes fast..

im sometimes a pessimist. i really am..
haha.. but i dun show much to others as i prefer to be the listener..
learning to give great advices and being as convincing as i can are something that make me feel better, make me feel like i m good at something.. at least.

i like to stick to people whom i think will concern about me.. haha.. yeah..
that's much like a thing that kids will do..
somehow.. i m very clingy.. to him, or to friends.

i love attention..
who doesnt? it just depending on the level on how much attention a person wants.
to me, im a very contradict person.. sometimes i love attention, sometimes i would rather not.
maybe i should say, i want people to remember me..

i start to pressure myself..not sure its in a good or bad way.. but the feeling is not good.. get things done is happy, but after that the feeling or regret for not giving my best is huge too.. yet i still cant give all in to do anything.. i do not know why..

im trying to be as good as i can.. i help people with all i can.. not sure unconsciously am i being selfish.. but i guess i did help people in some ways.. am i?

being a person like this, is a good or bad thing? i really don't know. still got alot more to talk about myself i know.. but i cant think of any now.. but those are enough i guessed..

how to be a good person? i really would like to know about it... should i google it too?

Monday, March 1, 2010








Friday, February 26, 2010

what a day!!

i am sorry that i abandoned my blog for SO long, i really lazy and no mood to update..
but seriously, i have to talk about today.. an awesome day..LOL

i happily done my poster assignment and the documentation, and printed the doc out, however, as i reached college, i get a really bad news that the margins i set was WRONG..argh!!!
i have to re-print = spend unnecessary money... i copied my files to DVD and what my fren told me that, CD-R is a must.. DVD is not allowed... WTF?! fine, su wern lent me her cd so that i could burn the files to the cd = wasted my dvd and wasted her cd!!! sigh

nvm, i tot everything is done after this, but when i went to print my poster, i left the umbrella i brought along.. so i have to return to the shop and take it..

fine.. then as i back to the classroom, tot everything was fine again.. another bad news popped up, which was, PRNT SCRN is a must!!!!!!!!! OMG!! which means i have to redo EVERYTHING again!!!T_T...

ok, i borrow laptop from faisal... and when i put in the dvd, cannot open the filess!!! OMG!!! the cd also!!!! i was really no energy already.. luckily, afiqah lent me her laptop.. so i got to edit...

as i went to print, the computer hang!! @@.. waiting for dunno how long, still hang, then the uncle dunno do how many times only started to print.. then when i was printing, fren called me and told me that lecturer is leaving!! crap, i had not printed out yet!!! then the very last minute, i finally printed all out, as i left, i realized i left my harddisk! WTF!! ran back and take and ran back to the class.. she already left the class...

i quickly get my cover page and stapler all the doc together.. and i asked my fren to pass up for me as i really dun wanna walk already..

what a good day to me... sigh..

assignments piling up...i have to really working on it already laaaaaaaaaaa...haih..

Monday, February 1, 2010

i'm your sweetheart and no one else's

28th of January 2010,
was me and dear dear's one year anniversary..=)
but din get to celebrate on that day itself,
because i have got class until 6 on that day.
so we decided to celebrate on friday!

he came and picked me up from college,
and then we went pyramid~
to watch movie~
oh! its been SO LONG since i watched movie!!
we watched tooth fairy..
its funny..
i like it...
and also because it made dear laughed so many times..
so cute..

and then after that,
we headed to taipan,
and did survey on something that dear wants to buy...
walked around taipan..
train my legs
when we were on our way going back the klang
the traffic in subang was abit slow due to the traffic light.
so i had taken dear's pic in the car..=D

what an expression~

i look ugly but who cares...

do i look like i cut my hair?hehehe


for our dinner,
we went to Windmill that near my place.
i remembered i went there before when i was really small...
the ambience was good...
the food was ok...
service was good...
not to say very expensive...
it depends actually...
and of cuz,
i did take some pictures...=D

he looks cute right?hehe

no proper and nice pic for both of us...XD
nvm la...
can take next time..hahaha

oh btw,
i handed in my first assignment today!
although it is not good..
but at least i finish it...
ON time..
thanks to dear...
he taught me how to do and gave me guidance actually...
tell me how do i live without him?

got to go and start hypnotizing myself to start doing my assignments!

Saturday, January 23, 2010

just for the sake of update~

cute, isnt he?
just want to post his pic here...=)

already have assignments waiting for me to start...
yet im still slacking...
what lar...
i dunno how to do...T_T

script, reviews, featured article...
seems easy but not at all~
the ideas are not coming in...
things just tend to happen EVERTIME i forgot to bring my camera along...
why like that one...

stupid vista..
whatever i installed also got blue screen...
how am i going to do my work?!
tell me laaaaa~

actually rite,
i dunno what to update..
ntg special happened to me recently..
maybe got, but i forgot?XD
memory getting real bad...

im blogging nonsense...
i will find out something happy to talk about...

i try~


Friday, January 15, 2010

i know i shouldn't act this way..

as far as i went through few blogs of my friends,
i discovered that,
alot ppl are being emo these days..
i wonder why..

even i myself also feeling so..
isn't that brand new year is meant to be better than the previous one?
or its just me,
started to grow up,
think more,
and worried more?

studies wise,
i know,
im not giving my 100%,
i slack like how i usually did in high skul and the passed semester...
i also know,
even if i do,
i give all i can,
im still the good-for-nothing ones...
even when people say im not,
all are only comforting me...
but deep inside my heart,
i know how far i can go...
low self esteem u can call...

i observe around...
and i keep them all to myself and analyse it alone,
i realized,
im so not capable...
i dun handle things well,
i dun handle my emotion well...
i wonder why am i so anti social these days...
i wasnt so back then...
i can talk very much...
but these days,
i cant seems to start any topic randomly...
that makes me feel so bad...

money wise...
oh thats such a big issue...
i dunno how to talk about that..
i'm trying out something...
but it just doesnt go well...
i share but im not good at it...
am i not convincing enough?
not like i wan success all the time...
but not failing always please...
i cant take it...
thats my own problem...
im such a coward...
what can i do to improve myself?
yea i always knew the answer but why i dun get my ass off to start improving?!

i started to worried..
what am i going to be...
not to say im regret...
but im afraid that it wont work out...

i like to pressure myself
even when im not able to achieve...
being so negative...
since when i became like that?